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Feb 12, 2013 9:30am EST
which includes brownback and specker and lindsay graham and teddy kennedy and diane feinstein and richard derbin. was it the position of the subcommittee that pornography leads to divorce. that it is virtual adultery. that it is anything in that order? >> certainly that is what we were there to talk about and it wasn't just me but other expert witnesses who have seen a considerable in marital problems and divorce as a result of pornography, particularly porn on the internet. in 2003 the the american academy of matrimony lawyers, they noticed a startling trend which is that two-thirds of the laurs present had witnessed a sudden rise in divorces related to the internet and six in ten were a result of those was a spouse looking at excessive amounts of pornography on line. the president says 8 years ago porn played almost no role in divorces. today a significant number of cases in which it has a major role if not the decisive role of marriages breaking umm. when you talk to individual divorce lawyers across the country. case after case. one lawyer in dallas says constantly a case in h
Feb 11, 2013 7:00pm EST
lindsay graham warned he might hold up hagel and john brennan, the choice for c.i.a. director. graham demanded more information on the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya. today, white house, spokesman jay carney rejected any delay. >> what is unfortunate here is the continuing attempt to politicize an issue -- in this case through nominees that themselves had nothing to do with bengs ay and to do so so in a way that does harm to our national security interest. senator hagel, mr. brennan, they need to be confirmed. they're highly qualified candidates for their posts. >> sreenivasan: any effort to hold up the hagel and brennan nominations would wait until they reach the floor of the senate. former u.s. army staff sergeant clinton romesha received the nation's highest military decoration this afternoon, the medal of honor. on october 3, 2009, in northeastern afghanistan, he and bher ameca were attacked atmbpocoutea o k.stngti30mb outk lhe dteespera l day-long battle despite being wounded, and killed at least ten insurgents himself. at the white house today, president obama said rom
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)